BRETT A. SNODGRASS works primarily as a Production Designer, Art Director and artist for film, TV, print and theater. He also writes and performs, and has even directed plays, not to mention a video or two. Or three. In his spare time, Brett is usually working, discounting the notion of "spare time" all together. Unless of course sleep is on the schedule, then that time can often be qualified as "spare". Brett is also a commissioned artist & painter, and is allergic to giraffes. [That last point is often taken as a joke, when it is, in fact, very true. During a private viewing of the giraffes at the Brookfield Zoo outside Chicago a few years back, Brett's throat, bronchial passages and face began to swell up, dramatically introducing him to one of his favorite persistent conversation starters.]

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Brett's work has been seen on HBO, Showtime, on stages from New York to Los Angeles, and in the pages of Playboy and Maxim, though no career direction theme should be inferred by his experience with soft-core print. Brett is proud to be taken advantage of by some of his best, most talented friends like Robert Poe, and often still clings, smiling, to the notion of "career building" deferred payment projects. Seriously, we're all due to hit it big any time now.