RICH HUTCHMAN was born in Belfast, N. Ireland, and when the "Troubles" got really bad the family moved to Detroit... to be safer. Rich attended Kalamazoo College, took all four acting classes (well, one was a "seminar" but who's counting) and moved to Chicago to get some acting work.  There he worked with Steppenwolf, Lookingglass and Red Orchid among others and was proud to have been a cast member in A Bird Out of Water, a play which received the New City award as "One of the Worst Plays of the Decade."  Since moving to Los Angeles he has done a bunch of commercials and some film and TV including  Mad Men, The Mentalist, Bones, Studio 60, Monk and an ill-fated pilot for The Onion magazine. 

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Film credits include 10 movies that I can thankfully guarantee you will never see, as well as Transformers 3, Seven Pounds, Deja Vu, The Island and Disney's Phantom of the Megaplex, which they have been running for 10 years without a cent in residuals. Theater-wise, Rich has recently performed in Angst, Invasion of the Minnesota Normals and Pete's Garage for Buzzworks Theater Company, of which he is a proud Board Member and its current Artistic Director.